Discover What's Keeping You Stuck in

Toxic Relationships

Break the Cycle

The 10 things you actually need to stop unhealthy relationship patterns and move on from toxic relationships for good!

  • Identify the things that are keeping you stuck in a pattern of unhealthy relationships.

  • Take a deep dive into self reflection with journal prompts to jumpstart your healing journey.

  • Learn step by step blueprint to break the cycle on unhealthy relationship patterns.

Meet Paula

Paula is the founder of The Goode Life Experience, a Mindset Transformation Coach, Registered Nurse and bestselling author. She focuses on supporting ambitious women through mindset transformation and emotional healing as they discover themselves after divorce, break-ups, unhealthy relationships and narcissistic abuse.

Her clients are desiring to be loved, supported, and respected after dealing with years of codependency and unhealthy relationships. She is a heart centered strategist who helps women discover what it means to live as their most authentic self and discover intimate connections in healthy relationships, especially the one with themselves.

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