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Enrolling in the Magnetic Blueprint Collective means discovering your most authentic self.

Where you go from surviving to thriving and healing your pain and trauma from the past.

You've decided that you're ready to heal pain from your past and break the cycle of unhealthy relationships so you can move on in your life...and you need a mentorship program that is proven to work.

You're in the right place.

If you've arrived to this page it's because you've been searching for a solution. You're ready to start a new chapter in your life, that does not involve carrying the trauma and pain from your past.

You're ready to experience changes in your life. And deep down, you know there is more for you. The good news is that your transformations and healing are yours to claim. And inside of the MBC, you'll see exactly how.

Do you relate to this:

  • You're ready to break unhealthy relationship patterns so you can experience loving and healthy relationships.

  • You're tired of toxic relationships and never want to be in one again.

  • You struggle with setting boundaries and speaking up for yourself.

  • You have a pattern of losing yourself in relationships and want to break that pattern.

  • And you find yourself being a people pleaser in relationships.

  • You find yourself in the same type of relationship with different people.

  • You have gone through a divorce or break up and are struggling to heal.

  • You have goals but, you're struggling to manifest them and bring them to reality.

  • You feel stuck and stagnant in life and want to finally move on.

  • You're ready to build a healthy and loving relationship with yourself to live your most abundant life.

If you've answered yes to even one of the questions aboove, the Magnetic Blueprint Collective was created for you.

Paula Nichole GoodeRN, Mindset Transformation Coach

What if I told you...

your future does not have to look like your past?

It is possible for you to heal from those experiences that that created the painful wounds, feelings of self-doubt, low self-esteem and lack of confidence you feel.

You can break out of unhealthy relationship patterns created from these wounds and experience a healthy, loving and fulfilling relationship.  

To attract and create the relationship you desire starts with you doing the inner work and creating a healthy and loving relationship with yourself.

I've experienced the pain from betrayal, not feeling good enough, believing I was unlovable and left traumatized by a toxic and manipulative marriage.

After my divorce, I struggled with moving forward and creating a better life. I read books, listened to videos, read articles and while they gave me some new tools, I always felt stuck.

What I learned is that I needed to get to the root of my pain and uncover the layers. I needed to build a better relationship with myself. I needed to heal from the limiting beliefs I was subconsciously holding onto.

I did my inner healing work and dealt with my emotional trauma. I unpacked the "WHY" behind why I ended up in a toxic relationship and tried to fix it instead of leaving. I dismantled my limiting beliefs about myself and relationships. I stopped people pleasing behavior and found my authentic voice.

I learned how to overcome my triggers, trust issues and blocks so I could connect and form healthy relationships that are supportive and meaningful.

I want to teach you how to heal and create a more loving and fulfilling relationship with yourself, while breaking unhealthy relationship patterns.

I will guide you through the very process I used and teach you the methods and strategies to heal so you can create a healthy relationship with yourself and others.

I've created a step by step process for you in the

The Magnetic Blueprint Collective

This experience is designed to take you through the different phases using a healing blueprint with guidance, support, realistic strategies and accountability to you can manifest your most abundant life.

Everything you need to heal and overcome your pain from the past is included in the Magnetic Blueprint Collective:

The Magnetic Blueprint Collective Mentorship Program:

Three LIVE group coaching calls per month for 6 months

Dream Life Manifesting planner and workbook

Activation and embodying assignments and exercises

30 Day Step by Step Action Plan

Lifetime Access: Including any and all updates

Private Community access


One 30 min 1:1 Clarity Session

Direct access to me

Special bonuses:

1:1 60 min Private Coaching Session

Healing Meditations

30 Day Journaling Workbook

What You'll Learn...

  • The Mind, Body & Spirit healing foundation that breaks toxic connections and relationship cycles for good.

  • The Magnetic Reset Healing formula to prepare you for transformative healing.

  • Identifying the root of your pain and trauma with steps and support to release it.

  • How to process and heal your emotional triggers.

  • Self-love, Confidence and Mindset practices to rewire your subconscious mindset.

  • Balancing of feminine and masculine energy so you stay in your power without the overwhelm and stress.

  • Setting boundaries, finding your voice overcoming people pleasing behavior.

  • Identifying your ideal partner/relationship.

  • Manifesting your goals.

  • Creating your unique identity to change your life.

  • Steps to manifest your abundant life.

Your Blueprint for Healing

The Magnetic Blueprint Collective guides you through 5 healing phases developed to help you heal from trauma and pain of the past while you break unhealthy relationship cycles and develop a loving relationship with yourself.


Prepare yourself for mental, emotional & spiritual healing, as you learn to implement the daily thoughts and behaviors needed for healing.


Gain awareness around your trauma and start healing at the root of your pain, while gaining peace and acceptance over your past.


Use proven methods to reprogram your subconscious mindset and break old beliefs and thought processes that have been keeping you stuck in unhealthy patterns.

Full Width


Balance your feminine and masculine energy, overcome people pleasing and speak up in your most authentic energy.


Be successful in manifesting your dream life you love by integrating these techniques in a way that is authentic for your individual life.

Community Testimonials:

"When you explained how having a blueprint is what's needed at times, that really spoke to me. I am looking forward to creating and implementing some blueprints in my life."

~Indira Goings

"The Feminine Magnetism class helped me with my approach to dating. One thing I learned is to “break old programming."

~Neysa Bacchus

"I wanted to work on the person I was as a whole...wife, mother, sister, daughter, friend, etc. I knew that to work on myself, I had to begin my “healing” process. Paula’s course, “The Art of Living Authentically”, is exactly what I needed. Her coaching has walked me through my healing process and opened my eyes to traumas I had no idea I was dealing with. Every module gives me a new prospective on how to deal with my past, how to embrace it, and what I have to do to move on. I am only halfway through the course and am excited to see what the full experience will be like.

I highly recommend the course to people who are ready for the next step in their life. I’m learning what to do to take care of me so that I can be the best version of myself. This course will open your heart, mind, and soul and prepare you to fulfill your purpose. You won’t regret it. You can only go up from here!"

~Joacey Fraser

"Great course!  The Art of Feminine Magnetism was packed with powerful content that was very informative and relevant.  Thought-provoking take-a-ways included connection to our Internal Identity, Next level self-care, and Feminine Alignment which are only a few of the topics presented."

  ~Kimberely Salter

Get Ready to Heal from Past Pain, Break Unhealthy Relationship Patterns and Create Your Authentic Self Identity.

...without spending years feeling stuck with methods that don't work.

By learning the strategies and methods to do inner healing work, reset your mindset, improve your well-being and overcome self-doubt after break-ups and divorces, the Magnetic Blueprint Collective will help you create your authentic identity and live your most abundant life!

Meet Paula

Hello! I'm Paula Nichole Goode, RN, Mindset Transformation Coach, founder of The Goode Life Experience, and bestselling author. 

It's my passion to support ambitious women through mindset transformation and emotional healing as they learn to break the cycle of unhealthy relationships embody their feminine energy in a powerful way.

So many women are trying to discover themselves after heartbreak, toxic relationships and narcissistic abuse. They are desiring to heal but, haven't found the right support or the right methods.


As someone who has experienced similar experiences and has gone from surviving to thriving, I understand what you need to move forward and manifest your most abundant life. 

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